Speak Positive Words

Speak positive words OUT LOUD! In my attempt to live a healthier life I have become dedicated and committed to exercising twice a day for 2 hours. And yes I am aware that hiccups and changes will occur in my daily schedule, and sometimes I may not be able to adhere to that commitment. This past week I have been at a pre-sepearation seminar which has resulted in a change in my exercise routine (types and locations). The seminar is on Naval Base San Diego, and the fitness center offers Group Exercise classes which I strive to do daily in my “normal” routine. This morning there was a 600 am Boot Camp class but at 600 am there was no instructor; therefore, I had to resort to plan B which was running. Unfortunately I had less than 30 minutes (after changing into running shoes and pondering on what exercise choice I was going to make) to bust out a run. I did complete a 2.5 miler but afterwards all I could do was “beat” myself up because I did not get a  full hour of exercise, and I only ran 2.5 miles (my standard is 4). After about 20 minutes I snapped out of it and said OUT LOUD “I am going to be a Registered Dietician, and I am strong, fit, and healthy. A 2.5 mile run was better than nothing at all! I lapped every person still lying in bed.” I immediately felt better about myself! Speak positively OUT LOUD!


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