How do you gain experience and knowledge for a desired career occupation? How do you broaden your professional development and networking skills? Volunteering! Recently, I inquired (via email with the Director of Volunteer Services) about volunteer opportunities with the Nutrition and Food Services department at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, and the opportunity looks promising! The next steps to take:  submit an online application approximately one month before I intend to begin the program,  attend an orientation at the hospital,  make an appointment with Occupation Health to get a TB shot and drug test (that should be a piece of cake as I have been “shot up” with every vaccine imaginable in the Coast Guard) and lastly, a background check is conducted. Fairly lengthy process but the hospital is very reputable, and I know I will gain a tremendous amount of experience.


Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association! Another fantastic volunteer opportunity. I will be joining the Organization (submit an online application) and keep tabs on the website for upcoming events. Also, I will attend a Professional Development meeting to begin networking with other local Registered Dietitian’s, and of course this will have to be after my return home.


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