To Degree or Not To Degree

Verification Statement or BS Dietetic? To find out what classes will transfer from my BS Biology degree to a BS Dietetic I emailed the Dietetic Program Director at Life University. After reviewing my transcripts she informed me that because I had a GPA of 3.3 from my previous degree that I only need to complete the required courses for a Verification Statement, (not the classes required for a full degree) and the statement will allow for eligibility for an internship program. Verification Statement? What is that? Will I still be getting a degree, and if not will I have problems getting a job after graduation? I again contacted the Director who stated that a second degree is optional. Also, she said that because I already have a degree and would have completed all the required Dietetic courses  then I should not have a problem finding a job. Statement or second degree? I am going to aim for the statement and seek advice from professionals in the field after I begin volunteering and building a network.

See page 22 for Verification Statement and required courses:

BS Dietetics Handbook

In my continued attempt to gain knowledge and experience I have started sending emails to inquire about “shadowing” (observing) to RD’s in Atlanta who specialize with eating disorders. So far no Dietitian’s offer that service but I am not giving up! There are many more RD’s to contact. Also, I have inquired about work opportunities at the school, preferably in the nutrition department,  but that will be determined by my Financial Aid award….which has been sent out via snail mail.


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