What is Bariatrics Again?

Sunday morning spin class! Ahhhhh, my favorite workout especially when it’s on Sunday morning. Why? Because I get to “pick” the brain of my instructor who just completed a BS Dietetics and started her internship last week. Ever since I found out she was pursuing an RD career (see August 26 post) I have lived vicariously through her stories, experience, and lessons learned.

As I started to adjust my bike and begin my warm up, she walks into the room. My eyes lit up, and I immediately approach her and asked “so how did the first week go?” I could tell she was excited because she grinned ear to ear, her eyes lit up, and I could hear the excitement in her voice. She told  me that the first week was more orientation based and that the “meat and potatoes” will begin next week when she starts working in a hospital kitchen. Although she has decided not to pursue the clinical area of dietetics (hospitals creep her out) she is super excited about the opportunity.

Her internship group will get the chance to watch a live Bariatric  surgery (they will actually be in the OR). I was so excited but at the same time I asked myself “what is bariatrics again? I know I have heard that term but darn it I can’t remember.” Yes I admit my ignorance, and after a Google search I learned that it is weight loss surgery. How cool is that?

I am 110% confident that I will succeed in this occupation! I feel it on my heart that this is from God. I have passion, drive, motivation, and dedication like never before. Dietetic field…..here I come 🙂

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