Comparison for the Better

You look to the left, you look to the right. Do you often find that you compare yourself to others? Do you sometimes think “I want to be better than that person? I want to be the best.” Often we look at comparison as a form of competition. But what if instead we look at comparison as a way to better ourselves?

I arrived just in time for a 545 am spin class only to find there was a waiting list, and not only was I on the list but also my good spin buddy. We waited anxiously at the front desk hoping and praying two spots would open up. At 550 two passes became available, and we rushed down to grab our bikes. Unfortunately there was only one bike available (apparently there had been a mix up with the passes), and after a few seconds of back and forth saying “no you can have it,” I gave in and took the seat. As I strapped my feet into the pedals I thought “what a kind gesture.” I asked myself “would I have done the same? I thought “I hope that I am like her. I hope I am as kind as she is.”

Yes I compared myself to her but not in a negative fashion. The comparison allowed me see that I want to be a better person; a person whose actions are kind, thoughtful, and generous. It’s the small, simple things in life that make the biggest impact!

Thank you spin buddy! You are a blessing.


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