Roller Coaster

When I decided it was time for a career change there was no “buts” about it! I felt a calling on my heart from the Lord telling me it was time to do something different. It was time for a career change, and within a few short days I knew I was to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian.  While going through a pre-separation (transition) seminar I was told there would be a lot of emotions and “ups and downs” throughout the transition. I thought “no way. I am excited for a change, and I know this is what I am suppose to do.”

Well this past week has been a bit of a roller coaster. Am I making the right decision? Am I going to be o.k. financially? What if I do not succeed at my next career? The answer? I don’t know but I do have faith and trust in God.

It is challenging when you have done something for almost eight years, and then you decide to do something completely different. The transition has not been easy financially or emotionally but I know it is the right decision. I am so excited for the next chapter in my life but I am also very scared! When I have told friends and family about my career change everyone has said “that is definitely you Jen! You are going to make an excellent RD.”

I am so very grateful for the love and support. I have confidence that I will succeed and be very happy but boy oh boy is transition a roller coaster ride. I am going to ride it till the end and ride it with a smile.


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