Bed Yoga

Recently featured on the Dr. Oz show, certain gentle stretches can help you relieve the most common aches and pains in your lower back and legs, so you can fall asleep without the interference of discomfort.  Just make sure that these next moves are done in a gentle slow fashion, accompanied by deep breathing.

Position #1 – Once in bed, sit up with feet straight in front of you.  Cross your right leg over your left leg, and then gently twist your upper body towards your left side, placing your right palm as far behind your left hip on the mattress surface, as is comfortable.  Hold the position for a count of 10, breathing in and out.  Repeat by crossing your legs the other way, and reaching towards the back of your left side.

Position #2 – Lie on your back and bend your right leg , so that your knee goes out to the side, and place your right ankle just above the knee of your left leg (which is still lying straight out).  Gently bend the left knee so that you can reach behind the knee area, and clasp your hands just behind.  Now gently pull the left knee up and in towards your face so that you are stretching your right knee flexor.  Hold for a count of 10, breathing in and out deeply.  Set up and repeat on other side.

By: Healthcorps

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