One Resume Down

In my efforts to become a successful, well rounded Dietitian I have reached out to Atlanta based Dietitians to inquire about job opportunities that would provide training, knowledge, and education for “newbies” trying to break into the field. All have replied with the same recommendation….work in a hospital….in whatever you can get; clerical, lab, research. Well hot di-gi-di-dog! I have experience in all those areas. That B.S. Biology is coming in handy! The fun began, this past week, with drafting a resume! YUK! I have not done this in almost eight years but thankfully, after completing a Pre-Separation (transition) seminar, I got a great refresher.

I decided to draft three separate resumes, each geared toward the different recommended positions, and the first one completed was the “Admin Resume.” I searched Atlanta hospitals for Admin/Clerical/Secretarial positions and catered the resume, based on my experiences, to the qualification/recommendation “keywords” on the postings. Thankfully one of the instructors from the seminar and one who works at the Department of Labor was so gracious and reviewed the draft. His comments….”great resume!” He said I need a few minor tweaks but for the most part it was excellent! Although it is still a few months out before I move and can really begin applying,  it feels good to have something drafted. Now onto the other two!


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