Keeping Busyness from Leading to Unhealthy Eating

Fall schedules can be very busy!  If planning is not adequate, eating can become very unbalanced.  Here are some tips for keeping busyness from leading to unhealthy eating:

1. Schedule grocery store trips.  In order to eat in a healthy and balanced way, nutritious food must be available.  Keep up with regular shopping to keep foods in your fridge and pantry.

2. Know your weekly/daily schedule.  This will help you to know when you will and will not have the opportunity to eat meals and snacks.  It is okay to set a timer on your phone or computer to remind you to eat!

3. Carry packaged snacks with you and/or keep some in your car.  When you are out longer than planned or later getting a meal, honor your hunger cues with your packed snacks.  Granola bars, cereals, trail mixes, and dried fruits are options that will keep well.

4. Keep foods in the house that make easy meals.  Pasta and sauce, taco shells and black beans, soup and sandwich ingredients – Use these on the nights when dinner must be quickly made.

5. Plan to cook a few nights a week and cook double the amount you and/or your family need.  Leftovers are a very quick meal option!

6. Monitor fast food eating.  While stopping at a drive through or ordering in can be included in a balanced way, if meals are from fast food more than once a week they are likely not balalnced. (Following the first five tips will help prevent this!)

If you have particular concerns about nutrition for yourself and/or your family, consult with a Registered Dietitian!

By: Positive Nutrition

2 thoughts on “Keeping Busyness from Leading to Unhealthy Eating

  1. Do you have any simple, easy, tasty menu ideas that you would post. Planning is the key but I am tired of cooking the same old thing.


    • Thank you for the question, and I will do my best to get you a sufficient answer! I do have some recipes posted on my blog (blog topics-recipes); however, not all of them I would consider “simple.” I contacted some dietitians today to inquire about some ideas and will keep you posted once I hear back from them. In the mean time check out Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ()

      Understand the same ol’ thing! Do you have a busy schedule? Are you looking for anything specific (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

      Have a blessed evening!


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