Getting Matched: A Guide for Dietetics Students (Free Download)



Table of Contents

Three years and thousands of dietetics students later…

The Founder and Head Match Maker of All Access Internships, Jenny Westerkamp, finally compiled all the experience and knowledge she’s gathered since the start of AAI in 2008 to answer the timeless question:


Getting Matched: A Guide for Dietetics Students provides you with the ANSWERS on how to increase your chances at securing the highly coveted DI spot.

Compared to a DISMAL 50% nationwide match rate, Jenny and the AAI Match Makers helped AAI COACHING achieve a 80% match rate!!

The most effective and proven strategies, used by AAI COACHING clients, are found in this easy-to-read e-book!

How can you make sure you have a HAPPY match day?

Read success stories from students and interns across the country – what they did differently to be admitted and how YOU can gain that same competitive edge.

What do DI directors look for in an applicant?

Well, Jenny asked them! You’ll read the inside scoop from internship directors across the country on what they look for in students, including a TOP TEN list on how to make a great first impression, show off your best assets, and prove YOU are their ideal intern!

Make it Happen

Follow “Make it Happen” action steps throughout the book. These will get you started TODAY on working towards your goal of completing a DI and becoming a registered dietitian (RD)! It’s never too early to start!



Someone gets that internship spot, right? Getting Matched: A Guide for Dietetics Students makes that spot more within YOUR reach.

BONUS! Information has been added on Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS) and how to avoid common DICAS mistakes. 

Need more ONE-ON-ONE advice from our MATCH MAKERS? Check out your options at AAI Coaching! 

By: All Access Internships

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