ABC’s of Behavior

You feel guilty after you ate a donut at work. You weren’t planning on it; however. Time to break down how you ended up eating that donut by using the ABCS of Behavior.


Eating is driven by external cues, and these cues are known as antecedents. They are events, feelings, and the situation that occurred before any behavior, action, or emotion including an undesired consequence, circumstance, event, or feeling you had not originally considered. An antecedent is an eating trigger that can be removed or controlled from your environment.


This is the activity itself like eating. It could include your speed of eating, taste of the food, and any events that occur during the eating.


These are the events, feelings, and attitudes that follow eating or any activity. These factors happen after eating and will determine whether you eat again.

Example: Lee had a stressful day at work. She came home and on the kitchen counter were potato chips her kids had left out. To relieve her stress, she gobbled up the potato chips and felt guilty later.

The antecedents were being stressed out, and the potato chips on the counter. The behavior was quickly eating the potato chips and consequence was her guilt about overeating.  By understanding and acknowledging the ABC’s of her behavior and actions,  Lee could reduce the odds of overeating. For example, Lee could not buy potato chips, as she knows it’s her trigger food. Instead, when she is stressed out, she could listen to a meditation CD on the car ride home or workout. Her consequence? She would feel resilient and like she was in charge of her life.

Your beliefs shape your life. Ask yourself, who do I want to be today? I pray that is answer is….I want to be ME! God made YOU a beautiful person. Believe in yourself!

Chere Bork

Tip of the Day

Filling your plate with fruits and vegetables can help you cut back on eating deli meats, sausages, baked desserts, or other foods high in solid fats, sugars, & salt.


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