Look at all those Chemicals in a Banana

All Natural Banana

James Kennedy is a high-school chemistry teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He feels that chemistry and chemicals are viewed upon negatively. So he decided to do something about it:

“Chemistry has suffered in recent years from a negative image. Pesticides, poisons, drugs and explosives seem to dominate the public’s perceptions of Chemistry while the other sciences bask in a much more positive light. Mostly, this is because Chemistry lacks a charismatic, public teacher like David Attenborough or Brian Cox, who inspire students with Biology and Physics. Chemistry only has Walter White from Breaking Bad, whose character has done the subject and the industry a great disservice”.

Kennedy took the most natural foods, and showed that they are actually a collection of chemicals.

“These posters aim to show that Chemistry isn’t artificial and dangerous; but that Chemistry is natural and everywhere. The Chemistry of fun, friendly, everyday objects like bananas is more complicated and more fascinating than that of, say, a bomb.”


Tip of the Day

Save time on dinner! Need to make dinner but have errands to do? Use a slow cooker to make a chicken and vegetable stew with plenty of tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans.


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