Defeating Unhappiness


All we ever want in life is to be peaceful, happy, and free. We often go about attaining it by deconstructing ourselves and our lives and seeking spirituality to bring about peace and happiness. With spirituality figured out and practiced daily, we wait for the immediate result that often fails to appear. It isn’t until some years later that we realize we are attempting to cheat the system. We try to become enlightened to see the light. Unfortunately that’s not how life works; we cannot get the answers to life’s challenges in advance. The act of waiting for happiness to be happy, or happiness procrastination, can be paralyzing. If we have a prerequisite of a certain condition taking place to facilitate happiness, then we’ll always be waiting as opposed to being happy in the moment. If we fool ourselves into believing that we have to understand the reasons why we’re unhappy, the result will cause us to get stuck in a state of unhappiness. Instead, focus on forgiving the past without over intellectualizing it, and bypass your way into the present.

What is the best way to defeat unhappiness?

Stop procrastinating by coming up with excuses to not be happy. This is not only self-defeating to you but does a disservice to the world, your family, and the community at large. Life is about learning from your trials, failures, and misjudgments so don’t lose any more time trying to solve the mystery of unhappiness, and just live in the now.

How you ask? The first step is to free all of your emotions fully whether it be sadness, anger, love, joy, or frustration. The more you feel, the less you fight against the feeling, which deepens your capacity and potential for happiness. Step number two is to love yourself as you are and without apology. Stop putting prerequisites on your self-love and acceptance, and do not continue the self-defeating dialogue of, if only I could lose 10 pounds, get a new job, run a marathon, etc… Spiritual growth is not about self-improvement so don’t treat yourself as a home improvement project that is never quite good enough or finished. Embody spiritual maturity as unconditional love toward the life you are currently being offered.

Waiting to be happy until we are somewhere new and exotic is never the right solution. We are always with ourselves, and we have to deal with how we feel about ourselves. We have to face truth and honesty and admit that we are hungry for love. The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

The hunger cannot be quenched by material things, other people loving you, or going to exotic places; it has to be an internal shift of self-recognition that moves you to self-acceptance. As soon as that shift happens and you start loving yourself, you aren’t starving anymore. This is the first day to commit to your own healing. How strong is your desire to live a healing lifestyle? Only you can make the choice to choose love and happiness each and every moment of every day.

PLEASE, love yourself more and in turn feel how loved you are by others. You hold the key to your own happiness. The question is, do you have the courage to take the time today without delay to defeat unhappiness? You are everything, and you have all you need to be happy so don’t waste another moment procrastinating.

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Tip of the Day

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