5 Things to Consider When Using a Personal Trainer

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while! I recently started school, and I am on a quarter system. Holy Moses is it already kicking my bootie 😦

Anyways…back to the post and the subject at hand! Have a blessed evening.

Have you ever thought of working with a personal trainer? Whether it is to help you lose weight, train for an event, or simply challenge yourself, here are some things to consider when working with a professional:

1. Certification matters.

This is a big one. Your personal trainer should have a nationally recognized certification (NSCA, ACSM, or ACE to name a few). Teaching group fitness classes or losing a lot of weight at one time does not make someone qualified to be a personal trainer. Personal trainers should be knowledgeable of human anatomy & keep the client’s limitations in mind. Likewise, simply having a certification doesn’t make someone an effective trainer either.

2. What are you doing the other 167 hours of the week?

One 1-hour training session a week will not change your physique or help you lose weight. Your trainer will hold you accountable for that one hour, teach you proper technique for a wide range of exercises, push you out of your comfort zone, and help you reach your goals. But, YOU have to be accountable for the remaining 167 hours during the week. Ask your trainer for advice concerning weekly workouts, nutrition, and sleep so that you can reach your goals.

3. Prepare to be uncomfortable, but not too uncomfortable.

Be open and honest with your trainer. If you do not like a particular exercise, say so. That doesn’t mean you won’t do it on occasion, but if you despise all things running, then your trainer likely won’t make you run every single session. Additionally, share any injuries or pain you are experiencing so your trainer can offer modifications and train you safely.

4. Are your goals reasonable?

Personal trainers get into the business in order to help others reach their goals. However, a client’s goals need to be realistic and attainable within the set time frame. Like #2 mentioned, it has to be a lifestyle commitment, not just for that 1-2 hours in the gym. Ask yourself, “Am I ready to commit to this?!” Additionally, setting overly aggressive goals, like trying to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week, can set you up for failure and frustration. Work with your trainer to come up with an action plan!

5. Match made in heaven.

Not every trainer-client relationship clicks. Find a trainer that you feel comfortable with and whose personality meshes with yours. Some people want a supportive, upbeat trainer while others want an assertive, demanding personality. Decide which is best for you. Regardless of personality, make sure your trainer listens to you.

Special Note:

With social media comes the ability for anyone and everyone to share information….good or bad. Too often, you will find individuals offering virtual “boot camps” without any sort of training experience or certification. Just because you workout, doesn’t make you qualified to “coach” others. Readers, be wary of this!

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9 thoughts on “5 Things to Consider When Using a Personal Trainer

      • No problem 🙂 have missed your posts but totally understand, life just gets in the way sometimes! Hope they’re not pushing you too much though. I’m really good thanks, just come back to work after a holiday in New York with the family so feeling nice and refreshed – got to get back on the healthy eating again after all the yummy food I had over there! Hows things with you otherwise? xx


      • OMG yes it does! It has been a challenge but I know the Lord will give me the strength to make it through. Where in NY were you? Have a blessed evening!


      • That’s good – it’s always good to keep the end point in mind – if you can see the other side of it all always seems to make it so much easier! It does for me anyway 🙂 We were staying just off Times Square, visiting my sister who is studying at FIT at the moment, she’s living in Brooklyn now, but we seemed to walk all over the city! My feet still haven’t recovered! haha worth it though. Was an amazing trip. Have you got any trips planned?


      • Aloha luv! How ya been? OMG I have midterms next week so I am going bonkers! I bet you enjoyed NY. What is FIT? I am glad you had a great trip! I am moving into a new townhouse after this quarter so I am getting excited. Have a blessed evening!


      • Heyy, I’m good thanks! Ahhh hope they all go well and you’re nicely prepared! 🙂 Have you been studying lots? FIT is the Fashion Institute of Technology. Thanks – aww that sounds great. Are you living in it alone or is it a shared house? I bet it will be nice for you to get the exams out of the way so you can focus on moving – are you decorating or anything? And have you got anything else planned for after your exams? 🙂 xxx


      • No worries! I’m glad to hear things are going well. OMG girl that is all I do now….is study! It just stinks because everything is so condensed that I hardly have time to actually enjoy the studies. Wow! The Fashion Institute….that sounds glamorous and exciting! Right now I am living with a girlfriend and yes….I am super excited to do some decorating. How about you? Are you into a lot of decor? Have a blessed week!


      • Aww it will all be worth it when you’re finished! Is this a last set of exams or do you have another year? I know the feeling, hate that when you don’t get a chance to really let it sink in before moving on to the next topic – I’m a bit geeky cos I used to love doing extra background reading, but often didn’t get the time! I know, makes me sound so boring in comparison! haha aww that sounds fab – I love decorating, my parents have just bought a flat in London so we’re doing that up to rent out at the moment – I love it! xxx


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