Bing-Fitness and Health App


I wanted to share with you all a few details about a new app I stumbled upon. Have you heard of the search engine Bing? Well, they have a new app called the Bing Health & Fitness App.



Unfortunately, this app isn’t available on all devices, but if you’re lucky enough to have a computer or tablet that runs Windows 8.1, you can access it for free! Here is a list of a few devices that are Windows 8.1 compatible:

– Microsoft Surface Tablet
– Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro
– Asus Taichi
– Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13
– Toshiba Satellite U920t
– Sony VAIO Tap 20
– HP Envy X2
– Dell XPS 12 Convertible
– ASUS Vivo Tab RT

So what can you do with this app? You can access over 1,200 exercises and workout videos, search nutritional and medical information, track your intake and more.

Say you wanted to find the nutritional information on the piece of bread you were about to eat. You could search bread:


Pick the specific type of bread and get specific nutritional info about it:


You can also search the reference section to learn more about certain diets like gluten-free or paleo:





As far as fitness is concerned, the app is quite handy as well. Say you wanted to add a plank to your workout but weren’t sure exactly how to do it. You could search “plank,” and you’d find various plank variations to meet your needs, whether you need to modify on your knees or you want to challenge yourself a little bit more, along with tips on proper form, etc:



You can also search or browse the app by body part, type, duration and difficulty. So, if you wanted to find some exercises to work your triceps, just search that muscle and see a variety of different exercises you could try:


Looking for a new workout? There are plenty to choose from:


Pretty cool, yeah?

The Lean Green Bean

Tip of the Day

Be choosy about the foods you eat! Choose foods with lower amounts of calories, sodium, sugar, and saturated fat to build a healthier plate.
That means passing up foods like doughnuts, onion rings and fried chicken!

Choose My Plate

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