Plant-Based Diets Best for Breast Cancer Survival

A plant-based diet may prove best following the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, according to a review published in The Permanente Journal. Researchers investigated long-term lifestyle choices and their impact on health risk factors such as heart disease, bone health, and obesity that influence overall survival. As the shift to chronic disease management for cancer develops, long-term therapies increasingly include lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise to increase adherence and effectiveness. Several studies showed that a whole-foods, plant-based diet lowered BMIs and improved breast cancer survival by eliminating foods that promoted cardiovascular disease and cancer cell growth. This article suggests that a wellness index consisting of healthful eating, activity, and weight management works best for optimum long-term care without added side effects.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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Want to save money on food? Keep the 3 P’s in mind – 1) PLAN before you shop 2) PURCHASE items at the best price and 3) PREPARE meals that stretch your food dollars.

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The very presence of counterfeits proves the existence of the real. There would be no imitations without a genuine product. God’s original design has always had imitators and counterfeits.

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~ Romans 1:25

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