No-Guilt Veggie Pizza

This recipe is a easy as pie. The tortilla crust and reduced-fat cheese trim calories and fat, and the more vegetables you pile on, the more disease-fighting antioxidants you get. Serves 2


Vegetable oil cooking spray

Butter spray

1 sprouted grain or whole-grain 9-inch tortilla

1/4 cup pizza sauce (or Marinara)

1/4 cup 2 percent shredded mozzarella

16 slices meatless or turkey pepperoni (or 3 slices lean sandwich meat, cut into small pieces)

Vegetable toppings of your choice

1 cup mixed greens (optional)

Heat over to 400. Coat a cookie sheet or pizza stone with cooking spray. Spray butter spray on both sides of tortilla; place tortilla on sheet; spread with pizza sauce; sprinkle with cheese. Top with pepperoni slices and vegetable toppings. Bake until tortilla is crispy and cheese has melted, about 5 minutes. Top with mixed greens, if desired. Cut into 4 slices (or roll it up!) and enjoy.

Reprinted from Self Magazine-Carrie Underwood

Tip of the Day

Invite kids into the kitchen! Even the youngest children can help out in the kitchen. By including them in “grown up” activities, children under 5 can feel special and gain valuable life skills. They’ll also be more likely to try foods that they help prepare.

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