TV Ads and Posters Really Do Make Kids Eat Their Veggies


Kids eat more vegetables when exposed to ad campaigns portraying them in a positive light, according to a study published online in Pediatrics. Researchers developed salad bar banners and television ads that portrayed vegetables as cartoon characters and placed them in elementary schools. Over 90 percent more students exposed to the banners chose options from the salad bar while over 200 percent more students exposed to both media techniques visited the salad bar, compared with students in schools that did nothing. These findings support previous research suggesting ads influence children’s school lunch choices, and researchers encourage food service operators to develop effective marketing campaigns to promote healthful eating habits.

Hanks AS, Just DR, Brumberg A. Marketing vegetables in elementary school cafeterias to increase uptake. Pediatrics. Published online July 5, 2016.

Tip of the Day

Eat Fatty Fish! Pretty much everyone agrees that fish is healthy. This is particularly true of fatty fish, such as salmon, which is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and various other nutrients. Studies show that people who eat the most fish have a lower risk of all sorts of diseases, including heart disease, dementia and depression.

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