Processed Foods and Chronic Illness


Why is the standard American diet (SAD) so unhealthy? The evolution of food technologies has affected the incidence of chronic conditions. Modern food processing has changed nutrient availability as well as delivery mechanisms. The harms of most types of processed food have been extensively documented, yet these foods still make up a massive proportion of much of the world’s diet.

Increased food processing has led to a concentration of calories and a loss of important micronutrients. This is particularly important because dietary factors are one of the major contributors not only to deaths, but also to chronic conditions. A recent study in France revealed that increased processing leads to decreased nutrient density, increased energy intake, and decreased satiation—a dangerous combination. Given that over 50% of energy intake may be from ultra-processed foods in areas including Canada, Brazil, and the US, food technologies have had enormous impacts on human health.

Nutrition Tip of the Day

Eat Mindfully! Enjoy the taste, texture, color and aroma of the foods you eat. You should also recognize when you are hungry and when you have had enough. And do this with any food — if you are mindfully eating chocolate cheesecake, you’ll enjoy it and eat less of it.

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