About Me

A life lived for Jesus is the most beautiful life, though it is a daily challenge! Currently, I live in Marietta, GA and I recently graduated from LIFE University with a BS Dietetics, summa cum laude. I will start a dietetic internship in August 2017. I am also in a Masters Program in Human Nutrition at the University of Alabama. My first degree is a B.S. Biology, with a strong emphasis in Marine Biology. In February 2014 I separated from the Coast Guard (CG) after eight years of serving in the Marine Safety field as a Marine Science Technician. I am blessed for all the CG gave me but mostly for the breathtaking, beautiful places in the world that I saw, touched, and experienced. It allowed me to appreciate, respect, and learn other cultures and ethnicities. It has left me with a HUGE hankering to travel even more!  My love and passion is exercise and nutrition, and I am an adrenaline junkie! I enjoy a nightly fishbowl, I mean glass, of red wine. Although I have two “left feet” I enjoy DIY projects and crafts, and I enjoy most activities that get my bootie outside and in touch with God’s beauty. I LOVE cooking and have become quite good at it but baking, well, that’s another story!